Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clueless about lesson planning??

In an earlier post I mentioned the excellent Website for Eastside Literacy's ESL Program. If you haven't yet seen their materials, take the time to check it out. Why reinvent the wheel? The site is exceptionally well organized, easy to navigate, and to the point. You will not get lost or overwhelmed as you read and print materials.

This information is everything we just couldn't fit in when you attended training. This is the information you are looking for!!!
Assessment: Where am I going and how do I know when I'm there? I often field questions about how tutors can assess their students and what, exactly, students should be learning. In our program at school--as in many programs nationwide--we use a competency-based model. The state of Washington has a formalized criteria list for adult ESL (Colorado is working on one). Print out the charts and use them as your guide to lesson sequence and student progress.

If you really dig into the materials on Eastside Literacy's site, you'll be an expert ESL tutor before you know it--and your student will be the competent communicator you had both hoped for.

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