Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a whole new year!

Happy New Year!

Please make a note of the following dates when tutors need to report their time spent with their respective students. We need this information so that resettlement agencies, case managers, and our state refugee office are aware of of the activity in this program (trust me, it's important!).

To remind you, any time spent with your student counts toward your monthly total, even if it was a social outing or a trip to the local clinic. Things that don't count: Lesson planning, making calls on your student's behalf, transportation time to and from the student's home.

2011 Reporting Dates
(no later than...)

Month tutoring...Date to report by

  • January time...Monday, February 7
  • February time...Monday, March 7
  • March time...Tuesday, April 5
  • April time...Thursday, May 5
  • May time...Monday, June 6
  • June time...Wednesday, July 6
  • July time...Friday, August 5
  • August time...Tuesday, September 6
  • September time...Wednesday, October 5
  • October time...Monday, November 7
  • November time...Monday, December 5
Please make a note of these dates and please report your tutoring time promptly!
Thank you!!

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