Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cultural resources that might be helpful

Is your student a Nepali speaker?

Here are two resources that may prove useful. Aksharica is a Nepali -language newsletter that aims to educate, inform, inspire, and empower the Nepali-speaking community (Bhutanese and Nepali) in America. The word Aksharica combines the Nepali word "letter" with the word "America," just as newcomers will blend cultures as they adapt to life in a new country.
Click here to access the newsletter online.

In addition, Aksharica has made arrangements with the Nepali Dictionary Project to provide Bhutanese/Nepali families with a Nepali–English Dictionary for free. To get a free dictionary, the request has to come directly from the end users. Please assist your student with this task!

The second page of the newsletter contains a Dictionary Request Form, for families to complete and mail to Aksharica’s address. Alternatively, the dictionaries can also be requested online. Agencies can purchase the book from the Nepali Dictionary Project for $16 each.


UPDATE: JUNE 6, 2011. Someone has contacted us and asked that you not request dictionaries. Apparently, they are no longer for sale at the $16 price--or at all, it seems. If we find new resources for your refugee students, we'll let you know!

For all home tutors

Catholic Community Services of Utah has posted their Life Skills Manual: Level One online. Click here for a copy. This 62-page manual takes a pictorial approach to nine topics, including hygiene, housekeeping, emergencies, and U.S. laws. Originally developed for use with Somali Bantu refugees, the manual may be of use for other groups that lack familiarity with these cultural aspects of life in the United States. It can also serve as lesson inspiration and a simple textbook for any in-home tutor!


Doug said...

PLEASE NOTE: The offer for a free dictionary ended many months ago. The Nepali Dictionary Project cannot provide free dictionaries at this time. We rely on churches, resettlement agencies, schools, and volunteers to buy the dictionaries to distribute to refugee families that they are assisting.

Doug said...

PLEASE CHANGE the info on this page. The offer of free Nepali-English dictionaries ended a few months ago. That was a limited time offer. We can no longer afford to provide free dictionaries. We must rely on volunteers, schools, resettlement agencies, churches, and others to purchase the books for distribution to the refugees that they are assisting.

Thank you

Doug Hall
Nepali Dictionary Project

CRESL Home Tutors said...
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CRESL Home Tutors said...

Sorry, Doug! We assumed no one even read this blog back past a posting or two, so we do apologize if our readers caused you hardship. When we originally got the information about the dictionaries for refugee families, it was through the Cultural Orientation discussion list, and no deadline or expiration date was ever mentioned at the time or any time after it was first announced (about the time it was posted here). Sorry if you got inundated and it caused a problem!

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