Thursday, July 3, 2008

Want to try a group?

I currently have a need for a team teacher who can work with a group of pre-literate Somali Bantu women. The class meets twice a week, but you would only teach one of those days, unless you wanted to assist the Thursday teacher.

There are currently about seven women enrolled in the class; however, due to a recent baby boom, attendance has been somewhat erratic.

Class is held in the Lincoln South public housing complex close to the light rail station at 10th Ave. at Osage St., near downtown Denver. The commitment is 2.5 hours of teaching per week, plus prep time. This is a team teaching assignment, and you must be willing to work under the direction of the lead teacher.

The volunteer in this position must be female. It would be most helpful if you have experience working with very low-level learners. Call Sharon at 720-423-4843 if you would like more information about the class.

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