Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ka-BOOM!! And the rockets' red glare

Although many people welcome the joyous, thundering sound and bright flash of fireworks on the Fourth of July, these same sounds can be very unsettling for others.

Many of the people enrolled in the in-home tutoring program lived in the midst of war, surrounded by the noise of exploding ordnance. What sounds like celebratory noise making for us may bring back traumatic memories for our students.

It might be helpful if you let your student know about the fireworks ahead of time. Try to explain with pictures (and sound effects, if necessary) what will be happening and when. Most Denver-area celebrations and fireworks displays will be on Friday or Saturday night. Some are in the midst of a residential area, as is the case in Glendale. Fair warning is a very good way to put minds at ease! In my neighborhood, there aren't any professional shows, but the neighbors have been scaring the heck out of my dog with all of the premature firecrackers and illegal fireworks. The neighbors got about a two-week head-start on the holiday, and that has to be confusing for those who don't understand what's going on.

If you think your student will be OK, why not take her to see a fireworks show? What a wonderful way to share America's birthday with a newcomer!

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