Friday, January 25, 2008

A glimpse of Burmese camp life

So many of you are working with Burmese refugees, I continue to look for good resources that will help you as you help your student.

Reporter Paula Bock, of the Seattle Times, was haunted by her experiences in the camps on the Thai-Burmese border. She later went on to publish an article detailing her time with Burmese refugees. Photographer Tom Reese put together a stunning photo essay to accompany the story, as well.

For the photo essay, click here.

For a basic audio guide for pronunciation of Burmese words used in the story, click here.

For the article, click here. Click on "Begin the journey" and you'll see several introductory slides and then the text of the article. It is beautifully written and well worth the time it takes to read it.


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