Monday, August 27, 2007

Evaluating the program

Last week, I met with someone from the State Refugee Office regarding, well, everything about this program. She asked me if the volunteers evaluated the program upon leaving their tutoring positions. I told her that we had never done that, as most people were pretty good about giving feedback as they went along. It looks like I'll have to put a more formal system in place, but I would like your input as I create the evaluation tool. Please consider:

Which areas do you think you would like to comment on? I figured you would want to say something about:
  • training
  • communication with the coordinator
  • technical support
  • inservice trainings (but maybe not this year--it was a bad year!)
  • student matching process
  • Why you volunteered and whether or not you got what you wanted from the program
  • What you wanted but didn't get within the program
  • suggestions

Now, I am not asking you to tell me your opinions at this time; I want to know if there is something else about the program that bears consideration but that I haven't thought of. Is there something I should add to the list that you, as a tutor, feel you would like to rate or comment on when you leave us?

Let me know your thoughts at Thanks!

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