Friday, August 31, 2007

August Hours are DUE!!!

It's time to report your tutoring hours for August.

Please don't forget.

Please report your hours no later than Friday, September 7. You can just send the information via email.

Also, don't forget to RSVP for the inservice trainings!!! Session descriptions are on the upper right side of this screen. So far, I'm the only one signed up. For both.

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend! --SM


SPH said...

OK, I'm starting this! My refugee is 100% illiterate and is a swahili speaker (I do have a swahili/
English dictionary). We have spent about 12 hours together doing verbal vocabulary, short Q&As and counting. Focus on speaking first, right? But, she wants to read and write (even though she cannot even write her name). We done a bit of practice on formation of letters, but this is very difficult for her. She is 54 years old. Suggestions? Ideas? SPH

CRESL Home Tutors said...

It's OK to focus on speaking, but it's a great time to teach your student to write some language she knows. Start with writing her name. Write it and have her copy. Have her practice writing entire lines of each letter, one at a time. Practice the sounds. Put the letters into other simple words. Teach her to write her address and her kids' names. It's an easy way to start and it connects known sounds to symbols. It will also help your student to feel she's finally working on literacy.