Monday, November 26, 2012

Online inspiration

One of the most common questions we get here at Home tutoring Central is, "What should I teach my student? Where can I start?"

What you teach and where you start are largely dependent on what your student already knows and what language she or he feels is most relevant at the moment. In the tutor training sessions, we generate a list of topics that work for students at any level. If you're looking for more inspiration or an idea of what to include ina lesson, there are literally thousands of websites created for ESL teachers and students.

One that you might find helpful is English Language World. The site is ad-supported and has ads embedded in the lesson flow, so be careful where you click. In addition to being an inspiration generator for teachers, the site is a good self-study tool if your student has Internet access. The site offers lessons for all levels, from very beginning to advanced, and includes practical, every day language that students need.

Most lessons have audio clips modeling correct pronunciation. Lessons build up in complexity and are self-correcting. the site also includes a "Teacher's Lounge" that offers more activities.

Give English Language World a try the next time you're trying to think of what to include in a lesson. It's free!

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