Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking for a change of pace in your volunteering?

Many refugee families in the Denver area live in homes that are part of Mercy Housing's community of empowerment and compassion. Grace Apartments, located at at the corner of 13th Avenue and Yosemite Street, is home to many refugee families, and as summer approaches, they could benefit from your skills.

Volunteers and interns support the mission of Mercy Housing by providing one-on-one attention to residents, offering classes and contributing to activities which enrich the lives of the people who call Mercy Housing their home.  

 Grace Apartments is recruiting Summer 2012 (June-August 2012) volunteers and interns to support the following:  
  • Adult & Family Services: Classroom Assistant: Assist instructors with adult one-on-one ESL-based learning and/or childcare  
  • Newsletter Editor: Manage a multi-lingual newsletter of programming announcements and resident contributions,which promotes sharing and community engagement  
  • Computer Room Assistant/Instructor: Hold lab hours and promote technology to adult and youth population  
  • Marketplace Manager: Coordinate in-kind on-site thrift store & support Grace Dollars incentive program  
  • Gardening Assistant: Accompany DUG volunteer and community gardeners in related initiatives
  • Direct Services Assistant: Establish relationships with residents to assist with service referrals/benefits acquisition   
 Youth Services (ages 7-12):  
  • Youth Soccer Coordinator/Coach: Lead and/or support summer soccer team, ages 12 and up
  • Summer Program Activities Assistant: Assist and/or develop indoor/outdoor youth programming
  • Swimming Club Assistant: Lead youth on fieldtrips to local pool for swimming instruction and practice
  • Garden Club Assistant: Sponsor youth gardening activities and related training opportunities 
Thank you for your interest in our joining our community! Volunteer and internship placements are developed to meet the schedules and interests of each individual. Please contact Grace Apartments to schedule volunteer groups or special events.  

Sierra Hutchinson, Resident Services Coordinator II
Grace Apartments
8888 E 13th Ave #13
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: 303-320-7763
Fax: 303-399-5906 Email: shutchinson@mercyhousing.org

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