Monday, November 30, 2009

In the news lately

Denver's refugee community continues to be in the news lately. In addition to the article in the previous post (scroll down), Here are some other stories you may have missed.

From the Denver Post, columnist Tina Griego wrote about Deg Adhikari, one of many Bhutanese refugees trying to make a new life in Denver. Click here to read the column. A couple of columns later, she wrote a followup piece with more information about refugee resettlement in Denver.
Colorado Public Radio,NPR, and NBC Nightly News all covered the death of Haiffaa Ali, an Iraqi refugee attending Emily Griffith Opportunity School. Haiffaa's story really clarified the issue of why being safely resettled is not the same thing as finding a home.

Click here to watch the NBC story (about two minutes).
Click here for the Colorado Public Radio story (about five minutes).
Click here for NPR's "All things Considered" version of the CPR story (about three or four minutes).

Do you know a journalist? Share the refugee story. Share the story of your experience in this program. The more we keep these stories in the news, the more we can raise awareness about an often-overlooked subject that could use a lot more exposure.

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