Thursday, March 12, 2009

More on the inservice

Saturday, April 4
10:00 a.m. to noon
Emily Griffith Opportunity School
Rooms 146-148

There are two more sessions for the volunteer inservice training...
Open to all CRESL Tutors (even those on hiatus)

Linking it together!
Do you need help creating a lesson that hits all four language skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing? This session will help tutors understand how to recycle lesson content to incorporate all skill areas while working within one lesson or topic. In addition, the instructor will show how to use a textbook as one tool in the teaching/learning process. Tutors will explore a variety of textbooks as part of a lesson planning exercise.
Kim Hosp, CRESL Instructor

Index cards and manipulatives
Learn fun and interesting ways to use simple index cards and everyday items to provide texture, touch, and movement in your lessons. Add a dash of fun and involve the senses in any lesson you plan!
Sharon McCreary, CRESL Instructor

Don't forget the rest of what's being offered!

  • Lesson planning: Effective lesson planning suited to in-home tutoring will be explained, as well as how to incorporate and revisit lesson material throughout all activities in a session. Cayenna Johnson, CRESL instructor

  • Getting started speaking & Language lessons without literacy: How do you help someone learn to speak English now when she has no familiarity with the language and no experience with printed materials? Conversation strategies, vocabulary building, and person-to-person activities will be included. Information can be adapted for higher-level students. Kate Goodspeed, CRESL instructor

Two sessions will run concurrently each hour. Please choose your sessions and let us know ahead of time which you plan to attend so the presenters can prepare.


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