Saturday, November 29, 2008

Denver's refugees featured in Rocky Mountain News

About a month ago, a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News contacted various people within the Colorado Refugee Network regarding a possible series of articles on the topic of local refugee resettlement. After many interviews, the stories were published this week.

Here are links to all of the RMN articles in the series. Click on a story title to read that article. (Photo: Darin McGregor/Rocky Mountain News)

300 Refugees give thanks for a year in America (Thanksgiving at ACC)

Iraqi refugees carve out a new life (Jafaar Al Saad and family, Iraq)
Companion video/slide show for the Iraqi refugees story (it's very good!)

Healing hope for refugees (about two of the Lost Girls of Sudan living in Boulder)

Escaping the past, believing in the future (feature article)

Seeking a better life for children (Som Baral, Bhutan)

A high price for peace: Leaving family behind (Josefina Castro, Colombia)

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