Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Group Opportunity

I currently have two groups of refugee women in need of a teacher. Both groups have between 5-7 students. Most have low-level proficiency in English. Literacy varies significantly.

The groups are in two locations and would prefer to meet twice a week. Team teaching with another tutor is recommended.

Group #1
1217 W 10th Ave
Click here to see a map

This group meets in a quiet classroom at the Bridge Project in the Lincoln South housing complex. Because Bridge exists to serve children after school, this class must meet during the week and class must finish no later than 2:00. this location is just steps from the Light Rail station at 10th & Osage.

The students in group #1 are mostly Somali Bantu women who have a beginning level of English and no literacy.

Group #2
1905 Blackhawk St.
click here for a map

This group has approximately five women from Burma and Ethiopia, but more women would like to be included. This group is mixed in terms of English ability and literacy. The group meets in the apartment of one of the Burmese women. This group does not sit in chairs, so you would have to be willing to work from the floor. I suggest bringing a lamp.

This location is a couple of blocks east of I-225 and a few blocks north of Colfax (Fitzsimmons area).

Please call me (in the afternoon) if you are interested in helping out with one of these groups. 720-423-4843.

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