Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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If you're interested in learning more about the Burmese refugees living in Thailand, I've come across some excellent Websites that have valuable (and interesting) background information. Note that almost every site has a photo gallery, slideshow, or "museum" with pictures! If you have a particular interest in the cultural background of this population, read on...

Cultural Cornerstones: Most of the information on the site was poted in the last three years, so it is more current than most. The documentary, music recording sessions, and photography were all produced in Mae La camp, home to the Karen refugees currently living in Colorado.

There are three photo stories. Let the slide show run and they will sequence automatically.

Outer Voices is a six-part multimedia project devoted to sharing the stories, strategies, and tools of women peace activists from the traditional cultures of the Pacific Islands and the Asian Pacific Rim. Listen to Kawthoolei the stories of Karen women involved in the struggle for freedom--and peace--in one of the most volatile places in Asia.

The Karen Women's Organization - Documenting the struggles of the Burmese people through the eyes of Karen women. Fascinating!

The Karen: This is a very short, very easy overview. Be sure to navigate through the options on the left side of the screen, paying particular attention to "Dress" and "Language."

Karen Folktales. Excellent to adapt to your student's level of English to provide reading in a familiar context!!

Karen Konnection From the Baptist Church. Check the links to the left for lots of news and information. My favorite section, believe it or not, was the slideshow of Karen weavers.

This should be enough to keep you busy for a while!

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