Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And now a word from a student

Last week, Colorado Public Radio aired a story about refugee resettlement in Colorado. A Little Something participant, Haiffaa Ali, was part of that interview. The program's producers felt it would be beneficial for listeners to hear a more in-depth interview with Haiffaa, especially to compare her impressions at one year in the U.S. with the first impressions of the newly arrived woman featured in the first interview.

This story is about ten minutes long. Of all of the things the host said during the interview, I think my favorite was when he told Haiffa he was impressed and astounded that she was able to give a radio interview (without fear) after only one year of language acquisition.

It's a good story that should leave you wondering how you would cope in similar circumstances.

Click here to go to the Colorado Public Radio Website, and then scroll down to Monday, February 18 to listen to the interview.

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