Friday, November 30, 2007

Really Helpful Resources

Hands-on English
This information-packed newsletter brings ready-to-use activities, exercises, ideas and inspiration right to your mailbox. The newsletter is written by teachers for teachers, and covers practical topics about life skills and language for everyday life. Hands-on English also includes suggestions for adapting lessons so they can be used by students at different levels. The annual subscription price is $29, and it would be money well spent for any tutor who craves new teaching ideas. for more information, visit the HOE Website:

Courtesy of Leecy Wise in the Four Corners Adult Education program, one of the most user-friendly guides you'll find regarding technology in adult literacy and language education. Leecy does an outstanding job of making technology accessible and fun. Past topics have included blogs, Google Earth, links for ESL teachers, Life Skills, and math projects. TechBeat is published monthly and It's free!

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